Face Yoga by Monika Choudhary

Unveiling Radiant Beauty Naturally

Join us for an exclusive Face Yoga Workshop and embark on a journey towards natural, glowing beauty with Monika Choudhary, Certified face yoga instructor! Discover the power of facial exercises, massages, and personalized skincare to rejuvenate and refresh your skin.

Warm-Up: Prepare your facial muscles for the rejuvenating journey ahead with gentle warm-up exercises. Relax, breathe, and let go of tension.

Exercises: Learn a series of targeted facial exercises designed to tone, sculpt, and lift your facial muscles. These techniques will enhance your natural features, giving you a refreshed and youthful appearance.

Massages:Indulge in soothing facial massages that promote circulation, release tension, and stimulate collagen production. Experience the bliss of self-care as you pamper your skin.

Skincare Tip: Bring along your favourite bottle of moisturizer. Discover the benefits of using a moisturizer that perfectly suits your skin type. Learn how to maximize its effectiveness for a radiant complexion.


Day & Date – Sunday, 8th Oct, 2023
Time – 10:30 AM
Venue – Jaipur Hut
Speaker – Mrs. Monika Choudhary, Certified face yoga instructor