Kitchen Magics in Healthy Cooking by Jyoti Birla

"Master the Art of Millet Magic: A Journey to Healthier Cooking!"

Are you ready to embark on a delicious and nutritious adventure in the kitchen? Get ready to explore a world of healthy cooking with renowned Home Cook and Baker, Jyoti Birla,15+ Years experienced social trainer and trained more than 4000 Home Cooks!

Embracing the Millet Revolution!

In light of our honourable Prime Minister's announcement of the Millet Year, we are putting the spotlight on these nutritious grains. Discover easy-to-make, millet-based recipes that are not only wholesome but also incredibly delicious.

Cooking from Scratch, Every Step of the Way!

At Healthy Cooking by Jyoti, we believe in the power of homemade goodness. From mayonnaise to cheese, we'll be crafting everything from scratch, ensuring that you experience the true essence of fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Simple, Accessible Ingredients for Everyday Cooking!

No need to hunt for rare or exotic items. The recipes are designed with easy-to-find, everyday ingredients. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to create healthy and mouth-watering dishes in your own kitchen.


Day & Date – Sunday, 8th Oct, 2023
Time – 12:45 PM
Venue – Sikar Hut
Speaker – Dr. Jyoti Birla, Home Cook & Baker