Photo Ke Sath Zindagi by Purushottam Diwakar

Techniques of Photography:

Learn the fundamentals of photography, from mastering your camera settings to framing your shots for that perfect click.

The Right Way to Capture:

Understand the principles of composition, focus, and perspective to create visually stunning images.

How Much to Record:

Discover the balance between taking too many photos and ensuring you capture the essence of the moment.

Understanding Light and Colour:

Gain insights into utilizing natural and artificial light effectively, and learn to play with colours to enhance your photographs.

Photography Through the Ages:

Dive into the history of photography and explore how it has evolved over time.

Smile Please:

Master the art of portrait photography and learn how to make your subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera.


Day & Date – Saturday, 7th Oct, 2023
Time – 10:45 AM
Venue – Sikar Hut
Speaker – Mr. Purushottam Diwakar, Senior Photojournalist, India Today