Running Clinic by Dr. Aditya Soral

This workshop is designed to provide runners of all levels with invaluable insights on enhancing their running technique, preventing common injuries, and achieving peak performance.

Workshop Objectives:

  • • Understanding the Anatomy of Running
  • • An in-depth look at the musculoskeletal system and how it relates to running.
  • • Optimizing Running Technique
  • • Practical tips for improving stride, posture, and foot strike.
  • • Injury Prevention and Management
  • • Common running injuries and strategies for prevention.
  • • First aid and initial steps in case of a running-related injury.
  • • Nutrition and Hydration for Runners
  • • Tailored dietary advice for optimal performance and recovery.

Who Should Attend:

  • • Novice and experienced runners
  • • Fitness enthusiasts interested in improving their running performance
  • • Individuals looking to prevent and manage running-related injuries
  • • Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a leading expert in the field of Orthopaedics! Join us for the Running Clinic and take your running journey to new heights.


Day & Date – Sunday, 8th Oct, 2023
Time – 9:50 AM
Venue – Musical Stage
Speaker – Dr. Aditya Soral, Senior Consultant- Orthopaedics, EHCC Hospital
Presented by – EHCC Hospital
Supported by – Jaipur Runners